Preserve your presentations. Record your conference content to replay on-demand.

MDMA strongly believes in the value of presentation capture in the event world:
  • Provide archived presentations to your delegates as a reminder or for catching up with missed content
  • Provide on-demand versions to people who couldn t attend
  • Provide last year s presentations as a starting point for this year s debate
  • Integrate content with e-Learning
  • Extend your conference both pre- and post-event, generating buzz, community, awareness, and results.

We record high quality audio and synchronise your presentation material, published in a wide range of easy to host formats. Keep confidential presentations on your internal network. Share public presentations through social networking sites. Even monetise your presentations.

Rather than provide one single product, MDMA offers a wide range of solutions for on-demand presentations depending on your requirements. We can produce material live on-site, with a master DVD and web file by the end of the conference, or you can supply us tapes or disc recordings for us to process off-line.

Slides and video can be cut together (example) or simply presented in sync with the audio track (example). Presentations are chapterised for easy navigation and we can transcribe your sessions for easy text based searches and Search Engine Optimisation.

Whether you simply require a archive of a single presentation, or wish to move your full conference into a virtual domain, contact us to discuss your requirements..

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