Think of podcasts as radio on demand.

The medium of radio is pretty unique in that you can be doing something wilst listening. You can walk, you can wash the dishes, you can drive. Fill those voids with great content. You re not going to sit and watch a replay of a presentation for 45 minutes, but you can pop it on your ipod for when it s time to walk the dog.

That s the power of podcasting. Podcasts are suitable for longer form material: round-table discussions, in-depth presentations, magazine style programming. And they re episodic.

But even now, the majority of podcasts are still enjoyed through a web browser at a desk, playing away whilst the listener is

We have radio specialists - radio journalists, not technicians - to produce great learning moments and to capture shared knowledge round a table.

Podcast listeners are, by and large, headphone users - so we re capitalising on that with binaural recording. Think of it as high definition audio, capturing spatial awareness and putting your listeners right into the thick of things. Put your headphones on and listen to the example below.

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