Whether it s a full edit from scratch, or the final pass of colour correction and adding graphics. From quick cut to final grade, we can breathe life into your footage.

Motion graphics, colour correction, transcoding, and with the new tapeless workflows, data wrangling for EX, P2 and Red.

Got video of your events? Just a pile of cassettes in a bag somewhere? We can edit down presentations to summaries, cut together a taster  from event footage. We can assemble voxpops into bite sized chunks.

We supply the quickest, most creative editors for the popular make a commercial  challenges for your delegates armed with ideas and a video camera.

MDMA is based around Final Cut Pro, Motion, After Effects and is set up to work with all formats from DV to R3D. We re predominantly tapeless, with DigiBeta and HDCAM by arrangement.

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