You can say a lot in a 3 minute film.

We'll help you make it happen.

We'll help you through the four key stages of creating your film:

Write: Let's work out what you need to say, who you need to say it to, what they like to hear, and what result you need from their viewing. We'll write a story that gives value to you and the viewer, making the right thing happen at the end.

Shoot: We shoot to broadcast standards, but we're discrete, with a soft touch. No three ring circus or massive crews. Often it's just a videographer, sometimes we'll have more helping hands interviewing, sound and staging.

Edit: If you have footage you've already shot, we'll cut it up and cook it for you. Modern edit systems are very portable and we often edit around the world - or in your office.

Publish: We'll help you get your video in front of your target audience, be it DVD, BluRay, a multitude of website options, embedded within PowerPoint presentations or even on videotape. We understand that video doesn t stop with handing over a finished master. We can help you with putting video on your website, building a video blog, making a DVD or Blu-Ray Disk.

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